Monday, February 23, 2015

Akira, my DA: Inquisition elf

Monday, May 24, 2010

War of the Kaisars

A piece I recently finished. I'm surprised at what I could do with 50% of my full effort.

Teostra vs. hunter in Kaiser X Blademaster armor. Monster Hunter Copyright capcom :3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3D Section - Animation

Aside from 2D, I can incorporate my sense of sharp poses into animation. Currently resharpening my 2D base... Here are my 3D works throughout the past one year... and note that I have just learned Maya DURING the last one year as well.

Right now I'm working at Cum Media+Design, right ou the Farrer Park MRT G exit in Singapore. Here are some screenshots of what I'm doing:

Here's my current project. To sum things up we're doing animations for women dancing. We're using MotionBuilder and Moven. This is the Training Model

We are being retrained from scratch for this project. We did 2D drawings, and now the basics again, with the walking ball animations and all.

And finally, Moven. Motion capture results are firsthand received on this software. Though primary motion editing occurs in MotionBuilder, feet contact and ground definition occurs here. If the file leaves here in a bad state, MotionBuilder repairs might take three times more effort and time.


Ah... Digital Painting, 2D, Pencil and Paper (well, more like Pen Tablet and Photoshop). It's still what's keep me going, because to me it's the fastest way I can visualize something and put it into realization without (too) much hassle.

My general areas of focus are composition, strong poses (being an animator as well), epic atmosphere and blending colors.

For the full set, by all means go to My Deviantart Account. I'll just put down a few pictures I have from there, for showcasing's sake. Note that some will be fanarts of the infamous Monster Hunter game, one game which I believe I will take with me for life.

(This one is a collaboration with Shekony, he did the lineart)

(This one's my Wacom Anime Girl entry... didn't win, sadly)

More coming. I've just gotten the time to get back to work on my 2D :)

An Artist's Blog

Sketchdesk here. You might know me from my deviantart account, but here I'm gonna put up my works, both 2D and 3D for portfolio showcase. Hope you enjoy the colors my mind can brush out on the digital media : )